Openhome is open for business and is working alongside CAPP members

Openhome is open for business and is working alongside CAPP members

written by Izzy Grey

One thing is for sure – Chester is a stunningly beautiful and unusual city. So it is a blessing that we, at last, have a new breed of property developers who are shaking things up a little and doing things rather differently from anyone else.

Openhome is a collective of some very smart, committed and super-creative architects, designers and dreamers, who specialise in taking listed buildings and turning them into the most stunning, practical and comfortable homes for those of us who are looking for something special. These guys are very good at working in close collaboration with local professionals, to repurpose and create fabulous spaces for modern city-centre living, playing, working and so much more.

So who are they exactly?

Openhome is the brainchild of strategist and architect Tony Swindells and commercial property professional and surveyor Stephen Morris, both of whom have a taste for the brave and bold, the likes of which the city simply hasn’t seen before.

Tony and Stephen collaborate closely with design agency MONIKA Studio, and together they believe design is a differentiator that allows Openhome to bring heritage property to life in terms of function, channelling years of experience in the lifestyle-based specialist living sector.

Openhome and MONIKA Studio underpin their philosophy with a strong social purpose and need for change in modern cities – they want better, not more,says the team. They believe that fulfilled living is in tune with Chester’s vibe – live, work and play in the ultimate 15-Minute City by bringing everyday life to the centre of every home they lovingly create.

Openhome is handpicking its properties carefully, and each one is a unique gem, carefully designed and elevated, making the very most of its hidden potential.

From one-of-a-kind apartments, through Dutch-inspired townhouses to family homes,

Openhome believes in local collaborations: they want to engage with local tradesmen, artists, florists, and makers to show future residents that all the great things in life are right here on their doorstep.

The first two properties are coming to market this Summer and include the perfect live-work apartment and townhouse located in the historic heart of the city. Both are uniquely designed, and each tells its own story with an uncompromising theme developed by MONIKA Studio.

These totally bespoke properties are being brought to market by local property experts Currans Unique, who understand city-living here in Chester intimately, and all that goes with it. From local dining to independent shopping, messing about on the river to park walks, open-air theatre, art gallery trails and so much more, Chester really does have it all, and it’s right on your doorstep.

And that’s not all…

This awesome new crew is set to influence serious change in this city, in how we live joyfully and collaborate effectively and meaningfully with each other. I was excited and delighted to read Tony’s radical blog recently, called ‘Chester is Changing’, and it feels like this team of impassioned experts is going to initiate the change we need as a city much faster and larger than I ever dared to dream.

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