My Life in Property – Howard Cole

My Life in Property – Howard Cole

My Life in Property:

  • What inspired you to get into the property industry?

I think a big attraction was that property is a people industry based on relationships, I like to network and meet new contacts and I also have a passion for business. I was also inspired by the thrill of doing deals, whether it be big or small, being able to connect parties over a space was always something I was very interested in being involved in.

  • What is the most inspiring part of your job?

We are very lucky in that as a firm we act for a number of highly successful individuals and companies from various backgrounds and industries. I am very inspired and motivated by this and I see it as an excellent opportunity to learn and develop from clients and adopt some of their qualities into my own skill set enabling me to provide the best service possible to clients.

  • What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your profession at the moment?

I think the economic factors are a big challenge for agents at the moment, of which we cannot influence but this has had a big impact upon our market, especially in the last couple of years which have been particularly turbulent. However, as a firm we have been able to manage through this period and we continue to deliver results for our clients.

  • If you became Prime Minister for a day what would you change?

I would change the speed limits, especially Wales’s newly implemented 20mph zones, enabling my colleagues and I to service our clients more efficiently.

  • What makes the perfect property/land project for you?

The perfect property instruction for me would be a good quality multi-let or single build industrial space in a sought-after location. If you know your market well enough you tend to have a good idea of the potential occupiers, and this can result in a quick turnaround for a client with minimal stress and cost.

  • After a long working week, can you describe your perfect weekend?

I often work on a Saturday morning as I think it is important to demonstrate to clients that you are committed, busy and that you are on top of your work, it also makes a Monday morning much easier. The perfect weekend would otherwise involve fairly standard activities such as socialising, exercising and watching sports.

  • What is your property prediction for the coming year?

I think an interesting industry topic moving in to 2024 is the status of the office market in the UK. I have been reading articles suggesting that some of the larger firms in places like London and Manchester are beginning to encourage employees to return to the office, indicating a shift back toward the more traditional working pattern not really seen since before the pandemic. On a regional level, as a firm we have limited office availability and find there to be good demand, so could it be that this market begins to improve after a turbulent period? We shall see.