How do you get the best price for a property?

How do you get the best price for a property?

This month’s article by The Chester Association of Property Professionals is written by Vice Chairman David Adams of Cavendish Estate and Letting Agents. 


How do you get the best price for your property?  Well I’m going to tell you in this simple to follow 9 step process which achieves results, believe me!  By the time you have finished this article you’ll know EXACTLY how to get the best price for your property which will enable you to move onto the next chapter of your life. 


Let’s begin… 

Step 1. PRICE: Begin by pricing your property realistically, ensuring it appeals to potential buyers while reflecting its true market value. This initial step is crucial in attracting interest and setting the tone for the selling process. 

Step 2. MARKETING: Investing in high-quality marketing materials is essential. Professional photographs can showcase your property’s best features, making a strong first impression on prospective buyers.   

Step 3. TIMING: Timing is also key; launching your property when buyer activity is at its peak can maximise visibility and interest. 

Step 4. PASSIVE BUYERS: Expanding your reach to passive buyers, those not actively searching but potentially interested in your property, can broaden your pool of prospects. 

Step 5. PREMIUM ADVERTISING: Utilising targeted social media advertising and premium promotion on the property portals is an effective way to capture more attention.   

Step 6. REVIEW: Regularly monitoring your property’s online performance and adjusting your marketing strategy as needed can keep your listing engaging and at the forefront of potential buyers’ minds. 

Step 7. VIEWING STRATEGY: The viewing process is another critical aspect.  Organising viewings strategically can ensure that you get multiple offers from multiple buyers. 

Step 8. OFFERS: When it comes to offers, careful consideration is necessary to identify the most favourable terms that align with your goals. 

Step 9. COMMUNICATION: Maintaining a single point of contact throughout the selling process can streamline communication and reduce stress. 


Following this simple process will not only help you achieve the best price for your property but provide you with a roadmap to success which will guide you along the way. 


David Adams 

Group Managing Director 

Cavendish Estate and Letting Agents